Critical Incident Support Management (CISM) is a short-term psychological intervention that is often used following a crisis which may negatively affect employee’s functioning in the workplace.

AWI Consulting offers a 24/7 onsite response service. Our counsellors are available to provide individual and group psychological first-aid. In collaboration with the organisation, our team will conduct post-incident follow-up evaluation and counselling as appropriate.

CISM focusses on the incident, people’s reactions to the incident and assists people to return to their daily routine more quickly. CISM is usually delivered within the team environment and can include pre-incident preparation, acute crisis management and post-crisis follow up.

Examples of critical incidents may include:

  • Accidents within the workplace
  • Death, injury or suicide of employees or their families
  • Challenging or distressing work events
  • Violent conflicts such as assault or robbery
  • Redundancy and organisational transition
  • Conflict within teams or organisations

AWI Consulting has experience providing counselling and trauma management across a full range of critical incidents. Supported by current research, our CISM method is designed to limit the impact of the incident on employees and the organisation.