Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

AWI Consulting provides Employee Assistance Programs with on-call professional counselling for your employees and their families to help resolve any personal or work-related problems.

Counselling can help with managing conflict, coping with change, stress, grief, career transitions, relationship issues, gambling, alcohol/substance abuse, parenting conflict, pain, trauma, anxiety, depression and many types of emotional difficulties.

The earlier issues are detected and interventions activated, the lower the risks, costs and consequences.

Critical Incident Support Management (CISM)

In a critical incident, our clients receive a rapid, dependable response. Our counsellors live and work in the local community and are on hand 24/7.

AWI Consulting provide pre-incident preparation, acute crisis management and post-crisis follow up.

Pre-employment screening

AWI Consulting is able to undertake psychological pre-employment screening for your potential staff. This includes a personality profile that identifies key strengths and potential weaknesses of the applicant, risk taking tendencies, as well as their ability to be a team player and/or leader. More in depth screening is available for corporate level applicants or those working in potentially hazardous environments.

Team building and Peer Support Teams

Team building activities at meetings and whole day team building programs are available for our corporate clients.

Basic behavioural/personality training can be run alongside team building in order for individuals and managers to generate an understanding of how their colleagues work, and hence improve communication in the workplace, decrease misunderstandings and essentially make work easier for your employees.

Training and coaching – individuals and manager support

AWI Consulting can undertake a range of training modules for your employees and managers. Tailored to your organisation’s needs, these 1 hour to week long training courses can improve your staff’s motivation, problem solving skills and risk taking behaviour. This corresponds to improved productivity, less accidents and a more stable workforce.

Examples of what AWI Consulting can assist with:

Mental and emotional health

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD) and Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Suicide prevention

Relationships and Communication

Assertiveness, conflict resolution, mediation, effective workplace communication, managing difficult people and situations, team solutions, positive communication for healthy relationships.

Health and Wellbeing

Work-life balance, preventing burnout, identifying and managing stress, building resiliance,

Maximising productivity for employees and management

Staying motivated, setting goals, time management, managing people through change, prioritisation, coping with change in the workplace.

Benefits to Organisations

Organisation supported specialist counselling offers your employees confidential, voluntary and professional support for work and personal issues either face-to-face, over the telephone, in writing, via the internet or by video conferencing.

Our personnel are highly qualified counsellors and psychologists with extensive experience across a range of concerns ensuring resolution of your employee’s issues and concerns. Immediate family may also be able to seek support. While at no time is the employee’s name released, we do report on how many staff members are using the service and what types of general issues are being discussed in order to identify any broader trends or issues that need attention.

Employee Assistance Program interventions achieve positive results in productivity, absenteeism, commitment, mental health issues, job satisfaction and in management of drug and alcohol misuse.